What is Management quota.?

Undergraduate admission is the important turning point in a young persons life.Every parent has a dream so that their children achieve best education and flourish their career by becoming Engineers,doctors and management gurus.Parent definitely feel proud if their son /daughter is working in an multinational or an reputed hospital getting high pay offs.The count down dreaming their wards achieve their future begins before birth and parents dont even give a second thought before spending their income on their childs education.The admission into colleges are available in three categories the general quota,payment seats and the management Quota.

The management quota seats in engineering medical ,MBA colleges are a gift for candidates who are talented but fail to perform well in the final and entrance exams .Management quota what is management quota admission.?is where 10% of seats are reserved for these gullible students and the admissions are based only on the extra money donated to colleges and not on the CET,AIEEE or other rankings.All the colleges providing such seats are self financed . Institutions/colleges charge more fees for management quota students and it may vary from one college to another depending upon the rankings, resources and facilities they provide.Such extra fund can be utilized by the institutions to make improvements in the campus ,investing in college infrastructures and other helpful activities.But it is not so easy to reach that stage and requires tremendous efforts from both students and parents to achieve their goals.Although there are a hundreds of AICTE approved engineering colleges all across Bangalore,But Also there are a few prestige and reputed colleges having great campus and recruitment facilities. These colleges come under top 5 or top 10 Ranking .

Gaining admission into college is not a though job but admitting oneself to a top college becomes a tougher deal,.and with the rise in competition it still becomes much more difficult under both the cases.Some of the top b.tech,mbbs colleges like RV,BMS offer manageemnt quota fees.So admissions becomes a very important process and it needs to be done with great care and thorough process, Else you lose the chance.Although there are many entrances exams like CET,AIEEE,COMED-K,NATA AND other in which cetain scores are set as guidlines by colleges and boards to secure admissions.Many gifted students secure good marks in both their boards and entrance exams and fulfill their dreams of gaining entry into their colleges.But where the other aspiring candidates go.Yes ofcourse they seek the management quota admission process route.

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